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One off spring cleaning in central London

In this article we talk about our experience from two weeks ago while doing a One off spring cleaning in a modern 6 bedroom house with contemporary design and oriental features in central London. By sharing in short the more specific jobs we performed in the house we aim to demonstrate you the wide range of services you can expect from a professional cleaning company and that we offer much more than the usual cleaning, dusting, vacuuming and mopping. The family was away for a few months and although they have two full time housekeepers, they preferred to use us as professional cleaning company which specialises in one off spring cleaning to prepare the house for a welcoming return.

The mixture of styles and all the pieces of art and modern features have put to the test our long experience in domestic one off cleaning and the capabilities of our team, which proved its professionalism not for the first time. This property was full of surprises from the lamps and chandeliers covered with hand-knitted patterns, to the leather pieces and antique furniture. From the ceiling high mirrors, marble bathrooms and shelves with crystal glasses to the stainless steel kitchen, everything was washed, cleaned and polished to the highest standard. Not to mention the unique ceiling in the kitchen constructed from small mirror tiles on two different levels, which our cleaners found way to clean in seconds and leave spotless. Everything from the cupboards, drawers and wardrobes was taken out refreshed and returned to its original place. The leather doors and walls were taken special care of. The walls got washed as well as the painted stairs and wardrobes, which looked like freshly repainted.

For the time agreed in the quote we have managed to do some extra work and clean the windows. A modern home with so many pieces of art and unique features needs the experienced touch of specialists like us. We can reassure you of our expertise, efficiency in all cleaning services we offer on affordable prices.

Our domestic cleaning service is excellent and our cleaners never fail to prove that. This house made no difference as well as the huge number of properties we have cleaned in the past 8 years. So... have no hesitation and contact Clean 4 you for a free quote.

Computer keyboard and mouse

An office computer is likely to be grubbier than the average lavatory seat than the average lavatory seat. A survey by consumer group Which? found that the keyboards at its London offices contained up to five times more germs than a toilet seat. A computer mouse is not much better. According to a study at the University of Arizona, they have an average 1,676 microbes per square inch a lavatory seat has only a fraction of that number. It is hardly surprising when you consider that 10 per cent of office workers claim they never clean their keyboard while one in five has never cleaned their mouse. The problem is made worse because more than half of employees eat lunch at their desk crumbs and other detritus provide a perfect food source, allowing colonies of bacteria to flourish. Recently, researchers swabbed 300 desks and computers up and down the country and found that many had several types of bacteria, including staphylococcus, which can lead to food poisoning. The researchers did not test for any really nasty bugs such as E. coli so these may also have been present. But what these results show is just how dirty desks are, says Dr Lisa Ackerley, visiting professor of environmental health at Salford University. If desks aren not clean then bugs can flourish the norovirus, which causes the winter vomiting bug, can live for weeks if the conditions are right.

This article was written by Lucy Elkins in the Daily Mail

Professional End of tenancy cleaning in London

Many people do not realize the importance of end of tenancy or a move in cleaning. As a tenant, you are looking for a good appearance of the property in order to get the money from your deposit back. As a landlord or letting agency you want the place to be left spotless, sanitized and ready to let quickly. Therefore for the deep cleaning of your space you can only rely on professional cleaning companies London. We at Clean4you are dedicated to what we are doing best offering you the most superior after tenancy professional cleaning services London. We can guarantee to satisfy all your requirements because the long experience of our trainees and the high standards we have established throughout the years enable us to deal with any cleaning task and leave all sorts of properties ready for the new tenants We not only have the best cleaners but also provide them with full most up-to-date equipment and cleaning materials with which they are able to wash, sanitize and de-scale all surfaces. We will leave spotless all your appliances, fixtures, floors, doors, cupboards and drawers. Alongside with our general services we can provide and carpet cleaning service in London. Hire us and our mobile team will thoroughly clean and polish every inch of your property. The huge number of end-of-tenancy jobs we have done have enabled us to design a routine that our professionals follow to save time and increase efficiency. We are entirely aware of all requirements that letting agents and landlords have because of our long experience and cooperation with them. With the guarantee of our service and the protection of our comprehensive liability insurance look no further. Next day or at short notice, contact us on telephone 020 8450 7986 or e-mail: enquiries@clean4you.co.uk, to obtain a quote over the phone or book an appointment with one of our representatives because we tailor our services to your specific needs and promise competitive affordable prices.

Benefits of hiring professional office cleaning companies

Your office reflects how professional you are. It also reflects how successful your business is. It is therefore important that you keep your office clean in order to impress your clients and for hygienic purposes. Keeping your office clean can be difficult since offices usually cover large areas and require vacuuming, dusting, mopping and carpet cleaning. There is no need for your office employees to clean the office when you can hire the services of office cleaning companies. For efficiency in office cleaning, it is advisable to hire professional office cleaners for the following reasons. Employee motivation: employees will not be happy if they are made to clean the office. This might lower the moral of employees resulting in conflicts and unneeded problems later on. You should hire the services of office cleaners instead of forcing your employees to participate in office cleaning. If you force them to do the work that you do not pay them to do, the cleaning might be substandard at best as opposed to being done by office cleaning companies. Hiring the services of professional office cleaning companies will ensure that office cleaning is done much faster and easier. This will reduce unnecessary complains and conflicts that are associated with office cleaning. Cleanliness at all times: the main aim of hiring the services of professional office cleaning companies is to ensure that the entire business premises, reception areas and bathrooms are well organized and kept spotless at all times. Commercial office cleaning services are professional; the cleaning companies will use the latest tools and technologies to ensure your office is as clean as possible.Some office cleaning companies offer additional services such as carpet cleaning, pest control, handyman services and building maintenance. These will save your company a lot of money because you will not be required to hire additional repair companies or pest control companies to fix problems in your office. Professional office cleaning companies will ensure that your office looks the best: Good office cleaners will follow the appropriate standards of office cleaning, while maintaining your premises. This will give you peace of mind because your office will always be organized and clean and provide a good environment for working. Employees will therefore be more productive because they will be able to concentrate on their task.By hiring an office cleaning company, your business will be able to maintain a professional image apart from boosting the morale of employees at the same time. This will keep your clients impressed.

The importance of annual carpet cleaning

Like any other essential home unit, a carpet is a very expensive investment and therefore it requires a lot of maintenance. This can be done by regular annual deep cleaning and regular vacuuming. The outcome of this is the carpet will last for many years. It will also continue to enhance the beautiful appearance of your home/office while at the same time providing a soft and warm covering to the floors. People sometimes tend to select marble or wooden floors for their homes. This cannot be compared to the soft feeling that is provided by carpets to the feet and the toes. Annual carpet cleaning is important because having dirty carpets exposes any family to various sicknesses and poor health. On the other hand, a clean and well-maintained one keeps the comfort, beauty and homely feel to the home. There are also various health benefits that are reaped by keeping a clean carpet. Carpets act as filters which capture and hold airborne particles. If there is less dust floating in the home, the air quality will be high. This results into the entire family inhaling clean air and thus remaining healthy and preventing all respiratory diseases. Carpets are also child-friendly and provide a very safe and comfortable area for small children to play around and enjoy. The carpets are able to absorb a lot of pressure unlike their counterparts, the wooden and marble floors. It should however be noted that the beauty that comes with carpets is not permanent. After being used for some time, they tend to become dusty, can be stained with bacteria found in the house and not leaving out mud and oil. Carpet cleaning should be done on a regular basis preferably annually using machines that have been specifically meant for that kind of job. Carpet cleaning companies have steam cleaners which get rid of any dust, mud, bacteria, oil stains, viruses, fungi and any other unwanted stuff that might be stuck in the carpet. These machines do the cleaning very effectively. They do the job in the most natural way and therefore being preferred as an efficient way for maintaining the cleanliness of any home. Carpet cleaners can also perform this task through dry cleaning. This is where the cleaning solutions together with the chemicals are mixed and then spread evenly all over the entire carpet. The carpet is then scrubbed after which it is allowed to dry. This is the most common method for maintaining the carpet in offices. It is very important to vacuum the carpet more often to suck the dust and dirt from it, paying special attention to high traffic areas. If you need a carpet cleaning company to make your carpet spotless call Clean 4 you London. We provide also contract office cleaning.

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